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servex team 2023
Configura’s implementation partner.

+ 38 CET Extensions developed and released in Configuras Marketplace.

Servex Unbiased Catalog Developer
Unbiased e-catalog developers

We create content & symbols for all specification platforms, including CET Designer, SketchUp, Revit, 2020 Worksheet, & ProjectMatrix.

CET Online Product Configurator vr2
Diverse talent solution

Ou talent includes dedicated project managers, developers, designers & 3D artists.

Our leadership

Fernanda Melo

Library Creation Director - Configura's CIL/Spec - 2020 - MRL | 7187014709 Ext.229

Felipe Garcia

CAD / REVIT Director | 718-7014709, Ext.224

Sandra Rodriguez

CET Director | 7187014709 Ext.221

servex render studio roberto gomez

Roberto Gomez

Visualization Director | 718 701 4709 Ext.223

Nick Fernandez President Servex

Nick Fernandez

President | 212 647 0110 ext 212

Camilo Escruceria VP Sales & Marketing

Camilo Escruceria

VP Sales & Marketing | 7187014709 Ext.222

Viviana Cardozo

Viviana Cardozo

Design Director & CET Project Manager | 7187014709 Ext.232

Why Choose Us

We are Configura's implementation partner

Unbeatable price

We speak furniture: Our unique position as traditional AutoCAD e-catalog developer, allows us to combine our traditional catalog knowledge with programming to develop CET Extensions at an unbeatable price.

Unbiased e-catalog developer

Since we are unbiased, we create & update electronic catalogs on all specification platforms, including CET Designer, SketchUp, Revit, 2020 Worksheet, & ProjectMatrix.

We also enhance catalogs for MRL.

Design & Specification DNA

Servex started operating back in 2004 providing design & specification services.
Nowadays we create electronic catalogs for the same platforms that we used to specify.

Dedicated Project Manager

Our dedicated project managers are committed to ensuring smooth communication with the customer, so our 3D artists and programmers dedicate all their time to project development.

CET Product Configurator

We utilize existing CET Extensions from CET Designer to convert them to a web interface that allows viewers to customize and visualize a product in real-time.

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