ProjectMatrix Catalog Creation Services.

ProjectMatrix Catalog Creation & Update
Material Mapping Services
Catalog Conversion to 20/20 CAP/GIZA

ProjectMatrix - Servex
ProjectMatrix Catalog Creation & Update

Increase product visibility while simplifying your sales, design, and order process.

ProjectMatrix Material Addition Services
ProjectMatrix Material Mapping

Enhance PM catalogs with 3D layer mapping for materials, ideal to generate renderings.

CET Online Product Configurator vr2
Compatibility with other specification platforms.

With some adjustments, we can make your e-catalog compatible with 20/20 Worksheet or CET Designer.

MRL Partership - Servex
MRL Catalog Enrichment

Contract industry's go-to virtual library.

Servex ProjectMatrix

One stop shop electronic catalog creation for office furniture manufacturers since 2004.

Servex creates and updates ProjectMatrix electronic catalogs for office furniture manufacturers. Servex design and specification department has been working with dealers since 2004 providing specification services utilizing the same catalogs that we create!

Thousands of office furniture dealers are specifying furniture today, if your products are not represented on the leading specifying software you are losing visibility and potential sales.

Our services:

  • ProjectMatrix Catalog Creation or Update.
  • ProjectMatrix Materials Addition
  • Catalog Conversion to 20/20 CAP/GIZA
  • Project Symbols for CET

Servex ProjectMatrix Video

Why Choose Us

We are ProjectMatrix's implementation partner

Unbiased e-catalog developer

Since we are unbiased, we create & update electronic catalogs on all specification platforms, including CET Designer, SketchUp, Revit, 2020 Worksheet, & ProjectMatrix.

We also enhance catalogs for MRL.

Design & Specification DNA

Servex started operating back in 2004 providing design & specification services.
Nowadays we create electronic catalogs for the same platforms that we used to specify.

Dedicated Project Manager

Our dedicated project managers are committed to ensuring smooth communication with the customer, so our 3D artists and programmers dedicate all their time to project development.

ProjectMatrix Electronic Catalog Price Update

Pricing & product updates

Keep you catalogs updated. We can update your prices or remove discontinued products from a specific collection.

MRL Catalog Enhancement

MRL Catalog Enrichment

Once you create your e-catalog on ProjectMatrix, you can upload your catalog to MRL, the premier’s virtual library in the contract market for an additional cost of 10-20%

Our Clients

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To receive a quote to create your ProjectMatrix Catalog, please send us the following information.

1. Price List or Specification sheet of the products to be created for ProjectMatrix. 

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