We create Revit families

Allow architects & designers to specify your products from the initial design phase.

Servex Revit
Autodesk Seek Standards

Consistent quality Revit families based on Autodesk standards.

Native Revit Families
Native Revit Families

Natively made in Revit

Parametric Revit Families
Parametric Revit Families

Revit families controlled by parameters.

Bim Object Partner 4
BIM Object Partner

Revit families ready to be uploaded to BIM Object

With a growing demand for BIM content from architects & designers, manufacturers are creating Revit families to increase product visibility and simplify the sales, design, and order process.

Revit families are the main building blocks for BIM. Revit families provide accurate product information for the planning, design, and execution phase of building projects. 

Servex Revit: Your BIM partner.

Servex creates Revit families for manufacturers in various industries. We’ve been digitizing assets for manufacturers on various software platforms since 2004.

Our team of project managers and designers creates native Revit Families that meet Autodesk Seek standards.

We work with manufacturers interested in sharing their products or components with the architecture and design community through BIM technology. Revit families facilitate the purchase, delivery, and installation of a product in building projects. (e.g., furniture, light fixtures, walls, windows, doors, and casework among many others).

Revit Family Creation Services.

A Revit family is composed of the following information.

Graphical representation (geometry).
Construction data: Specifies a common set of properties (parameters).

Each family contains control variables based on established parameters, such as dimensions or materials. For example, a window family will have established parameters such as width and height that may be used in to control the dimensions of the different window types. As the window height changes, material specifications within that family will be updated automatically.

Architects and designers are migrating from AutoCAD to Revit because of the amount of information and situational awareness that Revit provides.

Our Clients

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Create your Revit Families.

To receive a quote to create your Revit Families, please send us the following information.

1. Price List or Specification sheet of the products to be created for BIM Revit.

Also, please let us know if you can provide us with 3d models that we can use as a reference when creating the product's geometry.

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