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CET Catalog Extensions
PGC CET Extensions
CET Product Configurator

Servex-Configura Partnership
CET Catalog Extensions

Get your product to CET Designer, the space planning software.

CET PGC Extensions
CET PGC Extensions

PGC Extensions for complex component-based products.

CET Online Product Configurator vr2
CET Product Configurator

Product Configurator integrated with CET Designer.

MRL Partership - Servex
MRL Catalog Enrichment

Contract industry's go-to virtual library.

Servex CET

The commercial furniture industry has evolved in recent years, and to compete in this changing world, it is important to increase product visibility while simplifying the sales, design and order process.

Servex CET is an implementation partner for Configura, committed to connecting commercial furniture manufacturers with furniture dealers through the creation and update of CET catalogs.

Servex CET evaluates your product and budget requirements to provide you a custom CET implementation solution adjusted to your needs.

Configura's Development Partner

+32 CET Extensions Developed and Available in Configura's Marketplace




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CET Catalog Extensions

The CET Catalog Extension is a database-driven development tool to get data and products into CET Designer. This shell extension is a fast and affordable solution that requires low programming.


  • Minimal work is necessary to modify the SIF. We only have to update the DWG drawings to meet CET standards.
  • Offers smarter symbols that include snapping points and graphical options.
  • Improved rendering capabilities through the application of material mappings.
  • Drawings are automatically updated when options are changed.
  • Access to Configura´s Marketplace. 

PGC CET Extensions

These are advanced add-ons for the CET electronic catalogs. You can add parametric features and rules that save designers time and eliminate errors, thus saving costs.

CET Hybrid Extensions are the most advanced industry catalogs, combining DWGs and SIF information added with code to perform any function within CET.


  • Parametric functions. 
  • Available snapping and stretching product functionality.
  • Rule based design functions to eliminate design errors.
  • Included CET schemes and picklists. 
  • Access to Configura´s Marketplace

CET Product Configurator

If you already invested in CET Designer as the back-end technology to streamline your sales, design, and order process with dealers, it also makes sense to invest in a front-end interface on a BTC level. 

The CET Product Configurator shares data from CET Extensions and converts it into a web visualizer that allows shoppers to customize a product in real-time directly from a website. 

CET Online Product Configurator

Why Choose Us

We are Configura's implementation partner

Unbeatable price

We speak furniture: Our unique position as traditional AutoCAD e-catalog developer, allows us to combine our traditional catalog knowledge with programming to develop CET Extensions at an unbeatable price.

Unbiased e-catalog developer

Since we are unbiased, we create & update electronic catalogs on all specification platforms, including CET Designer, SketchUp, Revit, 2020 Worksheet, & ProjectMatrix.

We also enhance catalogs for MRL.

Design & Specification DNA

Servex started operating back in 2004 providing design & specification services.
Nowadays we create electronic catalogs for the same platforms that we used to specify.

Dedicated Project Manager

Our dedicated project managers are committed to ensuring smooth communication with the customer, so our 3D artists and programmers dedicate all their time to project development.

CET Product Configurator

We utilize existing CET Extensions from CET Designer to convert them to a web interface that allows viewers to customize and visualize a product in real-time.

Our Clients

Send us your files and request a quote to

Create your CET Extension.

To receive a quote to create your CET Extension, please send us the following information.

1. Price List or Specification sheet of the products to be created for CET Designer. 

Servex will evaluate the best type of CET implementation based on your products and budget to provide you with the corresponding quote. 

Request a quote to create your CET Extension