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The commercial furniture industry has evolved in recent years, and to compete in this changing world, it is important to increase product visibility while simplifying the sales, design and order process.

Servex CET is an implementation partner for Configura, committed to connecting commercial furniture manufacturers with furniture dealers through the creation and update of CET catalogs.

Servex CET evaluates your product and budget requirements to provide you a custom CET implementation solution adjusted to your needs.


Project Matrix
Plugin for CET.

When you created your electronic catalogs for Project Matrix, those catalogs will also be published in Project Specs (Project Matrix Plugin on CET). Dealers who use CET would still be able to access your products if they had this Plugin.

Many manufacturers are migrating from 20/20 to CET. One way to join the party is to get on Project Matrix.


  • The symbols are static. When an option is changed in the spec it won’t show that option graphically.
  • Rendering capabilities are limited
  • Snapping points aren’t dynamic; leaving designers with many possibilities for specification errors.

More difficult to navigate and find the desired product for designers. You must know the desired model number of the product you are searching for.

CET Catalogs

The CET Catalog is a database-driven development tool to get data and products into CET Designer. This catalog is a fast and affordable solution that requires no programming.


  • Minimal work is necessary to modify the SIF. We only have to update the DWG drawings to meet CET standards.
  • Offers smarter symbols that include snapping points and graphical options.
  • Improved rendering capabilities through the application of material mappings.
  • Drawings are automatically updated when options are changed.

CET Extensions

These are advanced add-ons for the CET electronic catalogs. You can add parametric features and rules that save designers time and eliminate errors, thus saving costs.

CET Extensions are the most advanced industry catalogs, combining DWGs and SIF information added with code to perform any function within CET.


  • Parametric functions.
  • Rule based design functions to eliminate design errors.
  • Rendering and virtual reality capabilities.

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