Revit lighting families to illuminate architects and designers

Revit lighting families to illuminate the A&D community

The lighting industry benefits from Autodesk Revit when creating Revit lighting families (BIM objects) to gain visibility and provide architects and project designers with accurate and detailed information on available light fixtures. Lighting manufacturers must assure that the creation of the Revit lighting families is fully optimized to generate great BIM 3D models that are suitable for file sharing. An optimized BIM object must have a perfect balance between a visual accuracy and the number of polygons. Revit BIM models should contain a low number of polygons while having great visuals and containing all parametric information to allow the design projects work effectively. The parameters lighting fixtures include elements like photometry or electrical loads and vary depending on the light type (eg. wall sconce, surface mounted light or suspended light fixture among many others).

A spark of light into the BIM network.

Lighting manufacturers can upload Revit lighting Families along with the IES files (data files with light distribution and intensity description) on their websites to allow the Architecture & Design (A&D) community to access their relevant lighting products. The A&D community will have the possibility of selecting the correct light fixtures based on accurate 3D representations with detailed product specifications (BIM Revit files). Furthermore, architects and designers can evaluate the projects energy analysis with up to date information or access a rendering tool capable of creating photorealistic images considering the real lighting effects.

BIM Revit adoption: The time is now!

BIM models and in particular, Revit, are growing considerably in the lighting industry with more and more projects being documented in this data type. It’s time to be part of the BIM change. As Leon C. Megginson states: “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

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