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White Background (Product) Renderings for E-commerce

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White Background (Product) Renderings for E-commerce

For office furniture manufacturers looking to make their mark and keep pace with leading brands in the market, it is extremely important to provide the best shopping experience for their users. In today’s highly competitive business space, where online shoppers are more empowered than ever and have hundreds of brands to choose from, you cannot overlook the quality of your consumers’ experience —even if you offer some of the best products on the market. If you are not presenting your offerings well while paying attention to customer experience through every step of their buying journey, you might lose out on potential customers to your competitors. As a business, this is the last thing you want if you want to grow and make more profit.

One way to improve customer experience is by embracing the latest technology by upgrading your traditional online marketing methods. The traditional way of selling products online simply involved taking a picture of the product, putting some details about it with its price, providing a few color or material options, and that was all. That is not going to work in today’s time. Through the evolution of e-commerce, customer demands have changed dramatically. 3D visualization with white background product rendering is one way to elevate your company’s e-commerce platform.

What is 3D Visualization and why “White Background” Product Rendering.

One of the biggest challenges of e-commerce has always been bringing the emotions and engagement of physical retail into the digital world. 3D visualization has solved this problem, making it possible for office furniture manufacturers to be more interactive in their approach and better engage online users with 3D renderings. 3D visualization is the art of using 3D product renderings, images, and artwork to visually communicate products to customers. It is a graphical 3D representation of a product that fulfills the natural desire of shoppers to be 100% confident in what they are buying. Users can view products in 360 degrees and from every angle possible (which is not possible with 2D images), allowing them to make a more informed decision.

Though there are several background options that office furniture manufacturers can use to present their offerings in the best possible way, white background renderings are quite popular and the most common among all types of 3D product renders. White background furniture rendering makes it much easier for you to demonstrate all the details of a product on a neutral color without any distraction. It also allows you to better showcase the uniqueness and competitive advantages of your featured items. Moreover, the white background of 3D furniture renders looks clean and professional, so you can instantly grab the attention of the viewers.

The neutrality of the white color is ideal for highlighting the design details and functions of a product. That’s why it’s often used for interactive website elements such as 360 view and e-commerce stores’ pages. Depending on the style and design details of a product, 3D render studios and artists decide on the equivalent option for the background. The ultimate objective is to make the main object (your furniture) look more natural in the created environment, perfectly highlighting every important aspect of your product.

Why 3D Renderings are better than traditional photography.

  • They help you showcase your products in the best way possible.
  • 3D photo renderings are much more flexible and cost-effective.
  • 3D renderings are less time-consuming than traditional photography. There is no need for you to transport furniture or products to and from a regular photo studio.
  • You can create interior or exterior environments—limited only by your imagination.
  • You have endless options to choose from— backgrounds, props, window treatments, wall coverings, flooring, and even widow views.

Choose Servex for Furniture 3D Visualization and Rendering Services

Office furniture manufacturing companies looking to keep up in today’s highly competitive e-commerce space and replace traditional photography with 3D rendering should look no further than Servex. We are a leading name in the 3D visualization industry, and our team provides photorealistic renderings, animations, and 360 product views (Turntable) to transform your ideas into great visuals that increase consumer engagement on every project. We strive to provide you with an effective yet budget-friendly business solution that can help you better showcase your products and drive more sales for your business.

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