Virtual Reality (VR) – the next marketing frontier in the furniture industry.

Virtual Reality (VR) – the next marketing frontier in the furniture industry.

Furniture manufacturers and dealers are demanding more VR content to increase consumer engagement with costumers. Manufacturers can digitize their products to create digital assets geared to increase consumer engagement. VR technologies use digital assets (3D Models) as an input to generate interactive virtual spaces.  Virtual showrooms and virtual tours are among the most popular VR tools.

Virtual showrooms & virtual tours.

Furniture manufacturers benefit from virtual reality showrooms and virtual tours to show entire product collections, individual product features and display product concepts.  Virtual showrooms or virtual tours consist of virtual environments designed to engage and connect with customers. Potential buyers can access this virtual interactive experience with a 24/7 availability from the convenience of a desktop, or through any VR Headset at any moment.

Full product story through an immersive experience.

Case studies show that having a VR experience for your product will immediately increase engagement in any convention, trade show or marketing campaign. Virtual reality allows viewers to interact with different products, being able to change elements like the fabrics, finishes or any other product option in real time, understanding in detail the product specifications. Manufacturers must implement Virtual Reality Services to increase their reach and market products effectively through an immersive interactive experience.