Virtual Showrooms for Trade Shows/Expo

Virtual Showrooms for Trade Shows/Expo

Sales and marketing are critical to every business and cannot be ignored. In today’s highly competitive business market, people are constantly getting bombarded with sales pitches, emails, calls, and printed materials. Now more than ever, it is critical to come up with innovative marketing ideas to gain the attention of potential customers and turn them into buyers. For furniture manufacturing companies, virtual reality (VR) showrooms offer a unique opportunity to increase user engagement and drive more sales. By creating a high-definition, interactive virtual furniture showroom for trade shows, they can use the immersive power of virtual reality to their benefit and offer an innovative 3D product experience to their users.

If you really want to make an impression and stand out at a trade show, a VR showroom is an ideal and impactful marketing tool. Because the technology is still novel, people want to try it out, resulting in increased traffic to your booth.

Here are some of the various benefits furniture manufacturers can get by setting up virtual reality showrooms for their next trade show or expo.

  • Better Engage With Your Audience

There is a reason why booths offering VR in a trade show generate a lot of interest among visitors—based on the VR aspect alone. When you provide the facility of a VR demo of your home or office furnishings, you are more likely to engage your audience and offer them an immersive viewing experience—one that they will remember for a long time. The experience is even more amazing for someone who is viewing a VR demonstration for the very first time! Virtual reality showrooms are highly interactive and allow you to tell your product stories in the most effective way possible.

  • Increase Your Space—Virtually!

With virtual reality showrooms, you do not need to have a large booth or get more space in a trade show. Even if you have a small booth, you can transport your audience into the world you have virtually created for them by using the latest 3D technologies. Thanks to the power of virtual reality, you are able to make the impossible possible! You can significantly expand your floor space virtually to showcase all of your furniture and related offerings in an immersive 3D environment—without needing to spend more on getting extra space.

  • Demonstrate your product in the best way possible

Conventional product demonstrations may have worked in the past. However, if you really want to get the most out of your demos at a trade show, you should join the latest trend in the furniture business and upgrade to interactive virtual reality showrooms. With VR technology, you are not constrained by any means—not even by the laws of physics. You can demonstrate almost any product and highlight every important aspect, including intricate details in the best possible way through a virtual presentation.

  • Minimize Inventory at the Booth

Carrying a large amount of inventory to a trade show for display can be a challenging, expensive, and time-consuming task. This is where virtual reality showrooms can prevent you from the hassle. They are the most efficient, cost-effective alternative to building, shipping, and presenting hundreds of tangible products on the go. Virtual reality showrooms provide an incredible opportunity to furniture manufacturers to lower the stock and inventory at their booth, minimize architectural investments required to set up a booth, showcase their collection without boundaries, and dramatically increase their sales per square foot.

Choose Servex for the Best VR Showroom Solutions for Your Trade Show or expo

Furniture manufacturing companies looking for practical solutions to visualize their entire collections at tradeshows, look no further than Servex! Servex has built a solid reputation for itself in the VR industry, and our team can help you create an interactive virtual reality showroom to showcase your offerings in the most effective manner. We allow your audience to not only imagine their “dream room” but interact with a product in a virtual space, customize it, change colors or fabrics, or any other specification desired in real-time. Our spaces are compatible with VR headsets and computer versions.

Servex adds value to your sales, out at training processes by providing and implementing interactive visualization tools, such as virtual reality and augmented reality (AR), to engage, educate and convert customers through immersive experiences.

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