Why construction companies are demanding BIM Revit families for MEP manufacturers

Why construction companies are demanding BIM Revit families for MEP manufacturers

There has been a dramatic shift in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, from CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to BIM (Building Information Modeling). BIM refers to digital representations of products and equipment that are placed into intelligent building models to create 3D representations along with associated metadata, such as Omniclass classification, MEP connections, material, model number, and service information. AEC companies are implementing this process because of the amount of information and situational awareness that it provides. BIM objects make it easy for architects and designers to specify the use of the manufacturer’s products in their projects.

Revit, a popular BIM tool by Autodesk, helps professionals in the AEC industry to automate the otherwise time-consuming task of quantifying and applying costs, allowing them to focus on higher-value factors, such as identifying construction assemblies and factoring risks for MEP engineering. Though Revit in itself is a very powerful and intelligent BIM software that manufacturers can use to help engineers ensure error-free planning and achieve efficiency in their large construction projects, they can get the most out of it by creating Revit families. This is why manufacturers are demanding BIM Revit families for architects and designers.

A Revit family is a grouping of 3D information that serves to represent a discrete building or documentation element in a project. It defines parametric, graphical, and documentation requirements.

Benefits of Revit families and BIM content for manufacturers

  • Helps to increase sales by providing 3D models to architects and designers

Revit family creation allows manufacturers to provide detailed, product 3D models of their products—to architects and designers—for demonstration. Manufacturers can put Revit families on their websites and make them available for download, allowing engineers to incorporate downloaded 3D objects into their Revit projects, evaluate textures and materials, examine the quality of structure, try different options, and choose the best one. Once the project moves to the implementation phase, the items—used for designing—are purchased for real. In this way, manufacturers can boost the sales of their products.

  • Allows potential clients to evaluate products online without visiting physical stores

Because Revit family creation provides detailed product 3D models for demonstrating all design elements to architects and designers, it allows potential clients to assess products online without needing to visit stores physically. This does not only saves them time but speeds up the whole design to construction process. Potential clients can check all the details from different angles, zoom into the models, and thoroughly examine design aspects of an item’s Revit family.

  • Ensures high accuracy and allows engineers to achieve efficiency in their projects

Thanks to the three-dimensional feature of Revit families, the form and size of products are shown more accurately for the untrained eye. BIM Revit family creation allows manufacturers to help engineers correctly calculate the amount of material they require for each item. Revit automatically calculates the weight and volume of needed materials based on the data and even offers approximate prices. In this way, manufacturers allow engineers to minimize spending during the production process and also avoid wasting resources. Engineers can make sure their plans and calculations are flawless.

  • Parametric Revit Families to assure an accurate design

Professionals will benefit from the parametric nature present in BIM Revit families. Architects and engineers can stretch product drawings, and the software will add additional components while updating the bill of materials (BOM) in real-time. For such requirements, the BIM Revit family allows manufacturers to help professionals create unique objects for a particular application and try them in their own developing projects. When the architect/designer chooses the 3D product model which is best for his project, the manufacturer can easily pick the design that is best suited to the project based on the available parameters.

Choose Servex for BIM Revit Family Creation Services

MEP manufacturers need to create their BIM symbols (Revit families) to be considered in the planning, design, and execution phase of building projects by architects. Servex is your most reliable BIM Revit partner digitizing assets for manufacturers on various software platforms since 2004. We provide BIM Revit Family Creation services, meeting Autodesk Seek standards, to MEP manufacturing companies looking to increase product visibility and simplify the sales, design, and order process.    

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