What CET implementation is correct for you? CET Catalogs vs. CET Extensions

What CET implementation is correct for you? CET Catalogs vs. CET Extensions

What CET implementation is correct for you? CET Catalogs vs. CET Extensions

What CET implementation is correct for you? CET Catalogs vs. CET Extensions

With businesses giving more emphasis on effective online marketing of their products and services than ever, e-catalogs have risen to prominence, and more and more companies are now partnering with professionals specializing in e-catalog designing and integration for a better exhibition of their offerings. The growing demand for e-catalogs has increased the popularity of CET implementation among designers and furniture manufacturers to get their product in the Configura´s Marketplace and drive more sales and profit.

CET and the importance of CET implementation in the furniture industry

Configura Extension Technology (CET) is the foundation platform for the world-class business solutions built around the tech giant, Configura’s proprietary tool, CET Designer. The purpose of the platform is to support the implementation and use of CET Designer. The commercial furniture industry has greatly evolved in recent years, and to stay one ahead of the competitors in this changing world, it has become extremely important for furniture manufacturers to increase the visibility of their products while simplifying sales, design and order process. This is exactly what CET implementation allows you to achieve! The technology empowers furniture manufacturers to give users an immersive design experience, and transform their ideas into reality.

What CET implementation is right for you depends on the need of your business. At the initial stage of a CET project, a professional team specializing in providing CET solutions works with you to identify and articulate the motivation for a CET implementation. Why it makes sense for your organization, what will help you better engage users and drive more sales—are some of the important considerations that help CET specialists determine what’s right for your furniture business.

CET Catalogs

CET Catalogs are e-catalogs created using Catalog Creator- a database-driven development tool by Configura to get data and products into CET Designer. CET Catalog simplifies e-catalog creation by providing an easy, fast and cost-effective technology solution to implement data and products into the CET Designer. It allows you to easily add your product, model and material libraries; create hard and soft categorizations of your products with different features and details; set up price lists; and assign lead time programs to provide information about any delay between the times a product is ordered and the time it’s shipped. Data entered into CET Catalog can be enhanced further—or reused for other solutions using the CET Developer tool. Furniture manufacturers can add algorithms and programming code to add functionality to their products. Because all data is stored online, it becomes easier to make instant updates.

Why CET Catalog

  • Allows you to add different features and options to visualize how your products can be configured.
  • Minimal work required for SIF modification. CET experts update DWG drawings to meet CET standards.
  • Improves rendering capabilities through material mappings.
  • Provides smarter symbols including snapping points and graphical options.
  • Data can be accessed through Catalogues API, or exported to OFDAxml.

CET Extensions

CET extensions are additions to the CET Designer program that allows you to drag and drop furniture, material handling systems, and other products into digital spaces. The extensions make use of virtual and augmented reality technologies to provide powerful visualization experiences to their clients. Furniture manufacturers can add parametric features and rules to save time and prevent eliminate errors. They allow for shorter sales cycles, greater customer satisfaction, and higher revenue.

CET Extension Types


The full Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) extension provides all the options, rules, and other attributes of the products in code. For highly customizable and custom products, this extension is often the best choice.

Hybrid CET Extension

This data-driven CET Extension has code that controls certain aspects of how products behave in CET Designer, and that code can also pull in other attributes from a database hosted by Configura. This type of extension allows for greater customization and flexibility.

Shell CET Extension

A catalog extension for CET Designer is the most basic type. It essentially just includes CAD drawings of your products with limited options for designers to alter characteristics.

 Why CET Extensions

  • Gives powerful visualization experiences to their clients
  • Parametric functions
  • Rendering and virtual reality capabilities.
  • Rule-based design functions that allow you to eliminate design errors

 Choose Servex for seamless CET implementation

Office furniture manufacturers looking for the best way to implement CET, look no further than Servex! Servex CET as an implementation partner for Configura, is committed to connecting office furniture manufacturers with furniture dealers through the creation and update of CET Catalogs/ CET Extensions. Whether you want to meet the needs of designers, prevent installation delays and issues, or speed up the cost-price-quote process, we can do it all. Servex CET evaluates your product and budget requirements to provide you with a custom CET implementation solution adjusted to your needs.

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