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How Furniture Brands Are Leveraging Technology With Product Configurators


You’re probably familiar with product configurators. They’ve been used by some of the biggest brands in the world to create custom products for their customers. But what you may not know is that furniture brands are starting to leverage this technology to create custom furniture for their customers.

Furniture configurator software allows customers to design their own furniture by selecting from a range of options and features. This gives customers the ability to create a piece of furniture that is uniquely theirs. And it also gives furniture brands a way to boost sales by offering more customization options to their customers.

So how are furniture brands using product configurators? And what are the benefits of using this technology? Keep reading to find out.

Examples of Furniture Brands Using Product Configurators

You might be familiar with product configurators from companies like Nike or Tesla, where customers are personalizing shoes and vehicles to their own taste.

Bespoke Cycling is one such brand. They offer a configurator on their website that allows customers to design their own bikes. This can be done by choosing the frame, saddle, handlebars, and other components.

Konitz is another company that is using product configurators to great effect. They have a range of customizable products, from coffee mugs to dinner plates. Customers can select the design, color, and size of each product.

But this technology is also being used by furniture manufacturers to boost sales, offering customization for chairs, stools, tables, and desks to their own taste. Steelcase is a furniture manufacturer that has built an online 3D product configurator. This allows customers to view products from all angles and make decisions about size, color, and other features.

Each of these companies is using product configurators to offer a more personalized customer experience. This can lead to increased sales and a stronger relationship with customers.

What´s the Future of Product Configurators in the Furniture Industry?

The furniture industry is evolving, and with it, the way customers buy furniture.

Thanks to furniture configurator software, customers can now build, visualize and price furniture products like never before. This is a huge shift for the industry, as it allows customers to be more involved in the buying process and makes it easier for them to find the right furniture for their homes.

And that’s just the beginning. Furniture brands that use product configurators are seeing shorter sales cycles and reduced marketing costs. In fact, one study found that 85% of customers who used a product configurator said they would be likely to buy again from the brand.

It’s clear that product configurators are here to stay. Furniture brands that don’t embrace them will be left behind.

Benefits of Using Furniture Configurator Software

The benefits of using furniture configurator software are plentiful. By letting customers visualize products before they buy, you can increase their confidence in the product they’re buying, which could reduce return rates and ultimately increase margins.

Plus, allowing customers to customize their furniture is a great way to differentiate your brand from competitors and build brand loyalty. And with the increasing prevalence of 3D printing technology, configuring products like furniture is becoming more and more achievable for businesses of all sizes.

On the cost front, product configurators are also proving to be very effective marketing tools. They allow brands to show off their products in the most realistic way possible, without the need for expensive photoshoots. This is translating into big savings for brands in terms of both time and money.

Finally, furniture configurator software also helps streamline the sales process for manufacturers. With a user-friendly interface that allows customers to quickly upload their own designs, it’s easier than ever to create custom furniture on demand from any location.

Overall, the use of product configurators has opened up unprecedented possibilities for furniture companies and other manufacturers alike. It’s an exciting development that will no doubt help them meet customer needs while simultaneously boosting sales and margins down the line!

Key Features of 3D Furniture Configurator Software

So what are the features of a 3D Furniture Configurator Software? To start off, it’s all about making a product web interactive. This allows customers to customize the product to their exact specifications. The configurator allows customers to adjust different parts of the product so that it fits their wants and needs perfectly.

Next, interactive 3D visualization is essential. This helps customers visualize the end result from every angle as they build their own products online. Customers can play around with color options, and fabric choices and even add accessories to match their desired end result. Product configurators also boast the ability to provide 3D models at different angles for improved comprehension of complex furniture pieces. This enables a much richer visualization of the product before it is even built, a key differentiator over traditional 2D product images. Product configurators can display a list of all the materials used on a particular piece of furniture for better estimation of the cost and effort associated with construction.

Finally, it’s important for furniture brands to offer 3D models for customers to view in detail. This enables consumers to get a realistic view of how the products will look in real life, helping them make an educated final decision on their purchase. Offering these features will surely help businesses boost sales and increase customer satisfaction!

With 3D product configurators, furniture companies can let customers customize their own products based on their preferences. Plus, interactive 3D visualization helps customers understand how to construct the products they are viewing. Customers can see what components go together, modify those components and check off required options in an intuitive fashion.

How to Use Product Configurators to Boost Sales

To leverage the potential of furniture configurator software, you’ll need to ensure they’re optimized for the best customer experience. First and foremost, product configurators should provide customers with a better idea of what the product will look like. Providing 3D images and allowing customers to build and visualize products, it makes the process of buying furniture more enjoyable and rewarding.

Not only that, but product configurators also enable you to easily communicate with the customer throughout their purchase journey. This leads to smoother sales interactions as well as fewer returns due to customers not being happy with what they purchased.

Product configurators are rapidly becoming a necessity in today’s furniture market, so make sure you make them an integral part of your sales process.


If you’re a furniture brand, it’s definitely worth considering using furniture configurator software to help boost your sales. It’s a move that can definitely pay off!

From start to finish, the product configuration process is an interactive journey that can be tailored to your needs. furniture configurators provide an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience for your customers, allowing them to design furniture that meets their specific needs and desires.

The bottom line is that furniture configurators are a powerful sales tool for furniture brands. By providing a fun and easy way for your customers to design furniture, you can boost your sales and create happy customers.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

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