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Unlock the Potential of Ruled-Based Online Product Configurators


You’ve probably had the experience of browsing through an online product catalog and clicking a button to configure the product to your liking. This is where ruled-based online product configurators come in.

Ruled-based configurators allow you to create a product that’s tailored specifically to your needs. With this type of tool, you’re in complete control over the look, feel, and function of the product you’re creating.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of ruled-based online product configurators and show you how to get started with one of your own.

What Are Ruled-Based Online Product Configurators?

Think of a product configurator as the engine that powers your online store. It’s what enables customers to personalize products to their desired specifications, creating unique combinations of variables. In a sense, it’s the bridge between customers and product enabling customers to see their exact choices come to life before their eyes.

And that’s why ruled-based configurators are so powerful. They simplify the sales process by taking the guesswork out of product selection. Customers can see exactly how each change impacts the product, allowing them to make informed decisions about what they want. This level of flexibility and control is unmatched in the offline world, where customers are often limited to pre-determined options.

Benefits of Using Ruled-Based Configurators

When you use a ruled-based online product configurator, you’re unlocking the potential of your product. You’re giving your customers the power to create the product they want, exactly the way they want it. This can lead to increased satisfaction and a deeper connection with your brand.

But it’s not just about what the customer wants. When you use a ruled-based configurator, you’re also able to better understand your customer’s needs. You can see what options they’re selecting powered by 3d visualization technology, and you can use that data to create new products and improve your existing ones.

Configurators are a powerful tool, and when they’re used correctly, they can help you build a better product and a stronger connection with your customers.


When it comes to product configuration, ruled-based online product configurators are the best way to go. They’re easy to use, and they allow for a high degree of customization. Plus, they’re perfect for businesses that want to offer a custom-made experience to their customers.

If you’re interested in using a ruled-based online product configurator for your business, make sure to choose a platform that’s easy to use and customizable. Servex has a vast experience with product knowledge in the furniture industry and combines 3d visualization technology to create accurate 3D product configurators.

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