Photo realistic renderings (3D Visualization) as a marketing tool.

Renderings in the furniture industry: First impression matters!

Photo realistic renderings (3D Visualization) as a marketing tool.

Photo realistic renderings (3D Visualization) as a marketing tool.

Furniture manufacturers are relying on 3d visualization technologies to potentiate their buyer’s journey.


More than 80% of the buyer’s journey takes place online. This means that manufacturers must invest in visual content to connect with their customers. This is particularly important considering that the buyer’s journey is almost complete based on the website experience and visual content that ultimately impact on sales.  


3D Visualization is an essential marketing tool for manufacturers, as a means to create captivating photorealistic renderings that promote products across digital platforms.

Renderings as an alternative to traditional photography.

The growing demand for visual content in the furniture industry limits traditional photography as the marketing tool to engage with customers. Traditional photography has great limitations including transportation of furniture to and from a photo studio. Furthermore, most photo studios are limited by environments and backgrounds.

Manufacturers can replace traditional photography by photo realistic renderings (rendering services) to gain real flexibility when creating visual content to be used for marketing purposes, including website images, presentations, brochures and printing materials.

Advantages of photo realistic renderings over traditional photography

Some advantages of photo realistic renderings over traditional photography are:

  1. Logistic costs: No need to transport products to and from a traditional photo studio.
  2. Flexibility: Endless options for props, backgrounds, window treatments, flooring, wall coverings and even window views.
  3. Product changes: Ease of change of product colors or surface finishes.
  4. Light control: Time and day specification for lighting purposes. Total interior and exterior light control.
  5. Turnaround time: Less time consuming than traditional photography.
  6. Costs: Less expensive than traditional photography.
  7. Asset digitalization: High quality renderings base on 3D models (eg AutoCAD models). When manufacturers digitize assets to create renderings they reach a marketing forefront. 3D models integrate perfectly with other visualization technologies that are popular including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Servex is aware of the importance of adopting the visual emerging technologies to compete in the furniture market.

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